Thursday, August 07, 2014


The Yazikis, members of an ancient religious sect, fled when the Islamic State overran their homes. Now they’re trapped on mountains with no food or water. President Obama is considering authorizing emergency airdrops of supplies—or, possibly, airstrikes against ISIS forces that are surrounding the Sinjar mountains. Jacob Siegel reports. 
Agree. We know that we should have knocked out Al Qaeda before 9-11.  Don't hold back on military action now!  

Press Conference

Watched President Obama's press conference at the end of the summit with African leaders. It was highly interesting and, as usual, Obama was in excellent form.

The President performs so well at these events, ranking him up there with Kennedy and Clinton. FDR used fireside chats to inform the public and transmit his views. I think that Obama should have scheduled many more press conferences during his terms. With much more exposure, he would have made it much more difficult for the GOP to convince many people that he is incompetent and hateful.