Monday, March 17, 2008


A terrific speech. Those who watched to see Obama again denounce and reject the words of his former pastor were treated to a thoughtful, inspiring and,indeed,presidential,address on race, major issues, and unity.

Too bad that the TV audience was probably quite small and that many voters will see mainly repetitions of the pastor's offensive sermon.

Democratic primaries - it depends on what a "win" is.

The Clinton campaign want to seat Florida and Michigan delegates because Senator Clinton had a win in each state. She had gone so far to hold a victory rally on election night in Florida to celebrate her "win". It takes a lot of nerve to claim a "win" when there has been no contest. If an opposing team doesn't show up for a game, the other team doesn't say that it won the game.

The Clintons stop at nothing when it comes to putting a spin on win. Senator Clinton, having outpolled Obama in Ohio, New York, and California and expecting the same in Pennsylvania keeps contending that she deserves the nomination because he can't win the big states. What nonsense! These are primaries, where Clinton usually has the support of the governors, mayors, and the Democratic establishment. These were not races against Republicans. Does Senator Clinton expect us to believe that, with Obama the nominee, all of those who voted for her in the primary will suddenly become Republicans and vote for McCain?