Saturday, August 01, 2015


For no special reason, and certainly no ominous one, I just want to express especially to Gwen but also to my family, extended family, and to teammates, opponents, business colleagues, business rivals, and to all of my huckleberry friends, whether still with us or not, THANKS.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015



A recent spoof reported that the American Psychological Association was considering whether, in extreme cases, following the directions of an unseen God could be deemed a mental illness. This engendered some outrage and much discussion.

There is, I think, a consensus that  organized religion has done a lot
of good and caused a lot of bad.

As a liberal American, I believe strongly in separation of church and
state. (No government action should be involved and no official should participate as such in the National Prayer Breakfast; no Ten
Commandments in courtrooms. on government lawns, etc.). Also, freedom of religion. Hard to deal with the thought of a country enforcing one religion.

 For many individual believers, religion has brought much comfort. For the world, it has inspired great music, art, literature, and poetry.  For non-believers,  talking or listening to an imaginary being is quite odd but it does not make sense to consider those who do mentally ill, or wackos.