Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Snow Piles Up, Paralyzing Nation's Capital"

So, how do we note any difference?

Friday, February 05, 2010


I'm all for giving to help relief efforts in Haiti, but have a complaint about some of the appeals. For example, the text message that automatically sends $10 to the Red Cross. Nothing wrong with that, but I would like to know that other charities had the opportunity to do the same, particularly if these are advertised as a free public service announcements.

Also, much as I admire Michele Obama, I think that it is wrong for her to promote giving to the Red Cross, to the exclusion of other relief organizations. I have nothing against the Red Cross, but why not have her ask for funds to be divided among the Red Cross, Salvation Army, UNICEF, and perhaps one or two others.



The recall of thousands of Toyota automobiles to fix widespread accelerator problems
is providing a boost to our economy. Dealers are swamped with phone calls, requiring them to hire additional people to answer. As the mechanical fix supplies arrive, service technicians struggle to keep up with the increasing number of cars being returned to the dealers.

Many dealers are working 24/7 and need more mechanics. Regular service jobs must be postponed or handled by additional numbers of technicians. Now, Toyota has announced another recall. this time for thousands of the popular Prius autos with brake problems.

Toyota does have to slow production, unfortunately leading to lay-offs. However, some of this is offset by increased demand for Ford And GM cars.

So, we thank you, Toyota, creating jobs in our time of need.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


The Republicans are eager to have their 41st Senator take his place. They said privately that seating Brown earlier could help them block Democratic nominees opposed by the GOP, specifically Craig Becker, whom President Obama has nominated to join the five-member National Labor Relations Board. It gives them enough votes to filibuster any nominee -- and they've shown a willingness to filibuster any nominee.

I say let them filibuster, actually filibuster, Becker's nomination.. Think of the picture - Republicans droning on and on, holding up Senate business, in order to keep a labor representative from serving on the National Labor Relations Board.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


At his town meeting in New Hampshire, President Obama criticized Republicans for voting against his proposal for a bipartisan committee to study deficit reduction ideas and make recommendations. He singled out 7 Republicans who had co-sponsored the measure and then voted against it, presumably because Obama was for it.

But I believe that 16 Republicans and 37 Democrats voted for the bill, leaving it 7 votes short of the new, foolish number of 60 votes needed to succeed. Questions: Where were the other 20 Democrats who failed to support their president? Where was that effective Majority Leader Harry Reid? Where was that powerful Chief of Staff,Rahm Emanuel?

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

" 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy to change
Defense officials will announce changes to the government's policy of barring open homosexuals from serving in the military, though amendments may take years to implement."

Implementation may take years?? Hell, there are plenty of gays in the military now. What is there to implement? There is also talk of possibly polling military personnel for opinions and attitudes. What would have been the result of such a poll when President Truman integrated the armed forces? And I don't recall years of implementation of his integration order.


Sarah Palin is heavily criticized and under attack for her support of John McCain in his primary battle against an ultra conservative opponent. This is her base, tea partyites and other right wingers turning against her.

Don't they recognize loyalty? John McCain plucked her from obscurity, making her his VP nominee and opening new horizons for her. She is right to stick with the guy she came in with.

SarahPalin is smart, or has very smart advisers. Resigning from office, writing a book, and giving speeches has brought her more fame and a small fortune. For her, it was the right move at the right time.

China Warns U.S. on Meeting With Dalai Lama

Because of China's objections, President Obama has avoided meeting with the Dalai Lama, a true spiritual leader. Yet he plans to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, an event sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation, an evangelist cult-like organization with ties to the infamous C Street group and with those in Uganda engaged in an unconscionable effort to have gays arrested and perhaps executed.

Monday, February 01, 2010

"CBS has come under fire in recent weeks from various groups for allowing a conservative Christian group to air an anti-abortion ad, and for barring a commercial from a dating site for gay men as inappropriate for prime time."

CBS is just being consistent - anti-gay and ant-women