Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sub- Rosa News

Sub- Rosa News

Some of the News that may be True

Westboro Baptist Church Opening Branches in Russia

Topeka   At a press held this morning, spokesman Ronald Weldan announced the opening of its first affiliate church in St. Petersburg, Russia, just in time for the G-20 summit meeting. He noted that the political climate in Russia was hospitable for the Church's message and that plans were to open another branch in time for the Winter Olympics and a total of 20 affiliated branches by 2016.

Sunday, September 01, 2013


Syria Action

We had enough of the Decider: torture, Iraq, recession. But now we have Obama, the Un-Decider. If he was going to ask Congress for approval the President should have had them called back to act.

This was to be a limited police action on behalf of the world's ban on chemical warfare, not an invasion or other intervention. If you're going to arm the rebels, do it; if you're going to send a missile strike to punish an offender, just do it.