Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu calls early elections

Management changes, rumored fallout between star player Messi and coach Enrique, and recent spotty play may have sparked this call for elections.

I worry most about recent poor play. This club, my favorite, has highly skilled, small, quick players including the incomparable Messi. They pass the ball superbly and always dominate possession time. But, despite stellar strikers, too often Barca has trouble scoring.

 What they need, in my opinion, is one big power midfielder such as Yaya Toure. Hope that they can get him or another of his caliber.                                                        




Monday, January 05, 2015


Republicans Say They’ll Act Fast to Push Their Agenda

Frightening. Only the President's veto will prevent substantial damage.  How did we get here? Partly because money and weak Democratic efforts let Republicans take over so many states, providing an opportunity to influence national elections. Then, last year, too many Democrats failed to emphasize, or even support, the successes of the Obama administration.

You have to win, Hillary.


Sunday, January 04, 2015


Last month we lost my sister, Betty.  Three years younger, she was my little sister. And what a great little sister she was!  Typically, she often tagged along after me, whether I wanted her to or not. But she was always game, playing neighborhood games like Capture the Flag, climbing trees after me, wading in the reek,sledding or rolling down hills. (I was glad to beat up any guy who tried to bully her). She would help me with our Lionel trains and would even put on the gloves and spar with me.

In the summer in Stone Harbor at the Jersey shore, Betty would ride horses on the beach with me and join me for body surfing in the ocean. She was almost as adventurous as I was. Later, she and her husband, Bud Barber, bought a house there, about 100 yards from the beach, and welcomed visits by my family and her extended family. In good spirits, she raised a fine family of 3 boys and a girl.

Everyone loved Betty and remembers her for her ready smile and unfailing good humor. She will be missed.  Finally, a quote, posted on Facebook , “Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my face."