Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Why are the media , the candidates, and their surrogates spending their time, and our time, beating on the issue of George Bush's service in the National Guard 35 years ago? We know that he took an easier road during the Vietnam war, just as thousands of others did. We could probably say also that at times he was a drunk.

But these long ago events don't disqalify him from the presidency. Nor does Kerry's heroism necessarily make him a better commander-in-chief. Many profligate youths have become effective people and even great leaders. And undoubtedly quite a few heros have become wife beaters or bums.

Kerry started it with his band of brothers and tame convention. He had better soon get away from debate over old service records and move on to the real issue that re-election of this president would be a disaster for the country. Just use Bush’s performance in the last four years. The Bush record and the dangers ahead:

Unbalanced tax cuts
Massive deficits
Environmental damage
Arrogant foreign policy
Attack on the rights of women
Interference with civil rights and private matters
Right wing judicial appointments
Gratuitous constitutional amendment
Blurring the line between church and state
Energy and other corporate favortism
Resistance to 9/11 Commission
Energy company and other corporate favoritism
Resistance to 9/11 Commission
Misguided efforts against terrorism by misleading the nation into an unnecessary war

The list could go on. The crucial point is that Kerry and Edwards must hammer on these issues in order to win and to restore America to a nation we can be proud of.