Friday, November 07, 2014

Election Debacle

Election Debacle

Politicians and pundits (even Joe Scarborough) seem to be trending toward  the position here about the big strategic mistake: Democratic candidates should have strongly supported Obama, not run away from, him and his record. Among other accomplishments, these could have been highlighted:

Millions have gained access to health care insurance

Avoidance of depression by saving finance industry

Saving auto industry

From huge job losses to creation of 8 million jobs

From over 10% unemployment to less than 6%

Improved student loan system

Got Bin Laden

And campaign appearances by President Obama could well have motivated black and young voters to get to the polls.

Sub-Rosa News

      Some of the news that's fit to print


Under pressure from reporters, Harry Reid refuses to say whether or not he voted for President Obama.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

MA governor race

"Coakley concedes to Baker in governor's race"

When will Massachusetts democrats learn not to run Martha Coakley for anything?



It couldn't be worse; the next 2 years will be a nightmare. Judicial and other appointments will be blocked. (Maybe the president should do as many as possible during the coming lame duck session.)  GOP led committees will conduct endless investigations into fake "scandals". Lots of luck now in getting the government to make the needed investments in education and infrastructure.

And even Rick Scott and Scott Walker were re-elected. I'm too old to move to Canada; I think I'll just take to drink.