Monday, August 30, 2004


President Bush, along with his cohorts, continually accuses John Kerry of being a flip-flop candidate. The Republican message is that Kerry is an inveterate flip-flopper, changing his position on issues time after time.

But should Mr Bush cast the first stone? Is this the person who steadfastly opposed "nation building" and then invaded a nation to force "regime change"?

Just the other day, his administration issued a report warning about the dangers of climate change, reversing its long-held position that science had not proved that there was a climate problem. A flip-flop? Also, it seems that Mr. Bush first did not endorse the proposed Constitutional amendment against gay marriage that he now vigorously supports. Then, he first imposed a steel tariff and then withdrew it, making the dubious claim that it had worked. Finally, he no longer insists that he invaded Iraq because of the imminent threat of weapons of mass destruction but largely for humanitarian reasons. Flip-flops?

Maybe some day he will change his mind again and acknowledge that there is such a thing as evolution.