Wednesday, January 31, 2018


"The state of the union is strong"  It had to be to survive (if barely) the 1st year with Trump at the helm.  Actually, I thought the speech was  well crafted and well delivered. The economy is doing well, largely due to momentum from Obama years. Stock market way up, real estate up, jobs up, but we still have inequality, wage stagnation, and trade deficits.
   The government is a different story. WH a mess, excessive partisanship, a shutdown, no Dreamer action. And detrimental moves by Trump administration: removing environmental protections, withdrawal from TPP,  making room for others (Canada, maybe China) to get its benefits) withdrawal from Paris accords and other failures to address global warming, attacking women's rights, etc.
    Three more years.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Native American

Armed Trump Supporters in Az. Confront, Ask Native American Legislator If He "Is Here Legally"


Now that I have had so many years go by, I have outsourced much of my memory to the internet.