Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obama Orders Review of Business Regulations
It's a good idea to review regulations but Obama's timing here is terrible. He seems to be buying the ridiculous Republican claim that onerous government regulations are a primary cause of the slow growth in jobs.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A few health care thoughts:

Here is copy of letter recently sent to a right wing friend. I don't expect to convince him.

"I probably should not undertake your political re-education, but here are a few points for you:

You indicated that you oppose requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. I agree that this violates insurance principles. But this just shows why health care insurance is foolish. Contrary to auto, home, and other insurance, health care is always needed (at a minimum, vaccines and other preventative care). As I said, it's like insuring against the need for food.

But, knowing that you have an open mind and a good heart, I must ask what you would do with those who have, say, a life threatening condition?

You're against the individual mandate. Would you prefer paying a lot of additional taxes to pay for the health care needed?

Admittedly, the health care reform law is flawed, complicated, and lacking in many respects. But if you could repeal it what would you do in replacement? It is surely not acceptable to have 40 million of us without adequate health care. And our system is by far the world's most expensive while producing mediocre results when compared with other developed nations." (ranks 37th, just aead of Cuba)

A later thought- Paul Krugman notes the specious arguments and misrepresentation made by Republicans to support repeal of the reform law. But, he points out, the real reason is that they just do not want to help the uninsured.