Saturday, June 03, 2006


One of the advantages of being a blogger (and an occasional one at that), instead of a responsible journalist or pundit is that there is little need to have much knowledge of the subject of the post. So here is a lot of unsupported speculation.

Although I'm dismayed at Mrs.Clinton's public position on the Iraq invasion and war, and by a couple of her moves to the right, I think that she would make a good president and would vote for her. However, I doubt if she could win.

Leaving aside the personal baggage of the Clintons, which the right will exploit, I doubt that, in the America we now have, a woman can be elected president. Consider these:

Will the evangelicals and others who oppose reproductive rights for women vote for a woman as president?

Will unreconstructed rednecks, NASCAR fans, NRA members, and macho men generally vote for a woman for president?

I don't know the position of groups such as the Amish, Jehovah's Witnesses,etc but some of these groups may oppose the election of a woman as president.

Will church members who oppose women in the post of priest or preacher support one as president?

Will Muslims and members of ethnic groups who come from some old-line, authoritarian nations help elect a woman?

Will those who think that gay marriage is a danger to society vote for a woman as president?

Certainly, some of my assumptions may well be incorrect and none will universally apply, but overall they lead me to conclude that the Democrats should consider it too risky to nominate Hillary. Despite the recent elections of female presidents in Chile and Liberia, it seems that divided America, with all those right wing issues, is not ready.

I hope that someone will do the research to reach an intelligent decision on America's readiness to accept a woman as president but, until then, this is my conclusion.