Monday, February 25, 2008


"Shame on you, Barack Obama!" Was this Hillary Clinton running for Scold-In-Chief? At a rally in Ohio, she showed this anger after an audience mamber handed her a copy of an Obama campaign e-mail criticizing her support of NAFTA. Could this scene possibly have been staged?

Similarly, Senator Clinton attacked Obama for plagiarism by using lines suggested to him by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick because he had found them effective. She said this use was "change you can Xerox". Not many would assume that this was her own original phrase and Mr. Obama noted the we must be going into a silly season in politics.

Sunday, on Meet the Press, quadriennial nut case Ralph Nader announced that he again would run for President. Maybe he hopes to do the same damage as in 2000 when his votes in Florida in effect led to the election of President Bush. Showing a brain much smaller rhan his ego, Nader claimed that there was little difference between Bush and Gore. Maybe we should hold him accountable for the Iraq war and all of the other damage inflicted by Bush.

The amiable, likeable Governor Huckabee continues his hopeless campaign to defeat Senator McCain. As long as he can keep appearing on Letterman, SNL, and morning talk shows, more power to him. It's fun, even though a bit silly.

I guess that all of this was to be expected from a campaign season that was graced early with the likes of Ron Paul and Mike Gravel.


Given the more pugnacious mood of Senator Clinton, I have a suggestion for seating arrangements. Instead of the cozy side by side arrangement, place the candidates at opposite corners. May the best candidate win.


As an avid Obama supporter, I have an idea on how voters on the fence can make a decision. Just think of which first spouse you would like to see in the White House.


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Ralph Nader, who announced an independent bid for the White House earlier this week, named Matt Gonzales, the former president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, his running mate today.

There goes the Nader/Bloomberg ticket.

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One day after Hillary Clinton appeared on Ellen via satellite, Senator Obama did the same. Last fall he danced his way out, and he thanked Ellen for the boost in the polls he says it got him. He then busted a move once again.

Thus proving that he's not "black enough".

Obama Reaches 1 Million Donor Mark -

If his campaign fails, Obama may well challenge Bill and Melinda Gates for leadership in charitable giving.